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Church Directory

Hope Town Assembly

Rev. Clyde Bain 

367-5843 (home)

458-1481 (mobile)

Hope Town Abaco

Full Gospel Assembly

Rev. Rudy McKinney

365-8097 (church)


577-8526 (mobile)

P. O. Box AB 22221

Treasure Cay, Abaco

Faith Tabernacle

Rev. Cedric Hall  

334-2351 (home)

454-8304 (mobile)

P.O. Box RS 26043

Rock Sound, Eleuthera

Mount Olive Tabernacle

Rev. Paul Thompson 

334-0040 (home)

470-5459 (mobile)

P. O. Box 39

Wemsys Bight, Eleuthera

Eternal Light

Rev. Unay Jones

P.O. Box F 43080

Freeport, Grand Bahama

373-1226 (church)

352-8182 (home)

441-8082 (mobile)

Living Waters

Rev. Edward Victor  

373-6172 (church)

826-2286 (mobile)

P.O. Box F 44669

Freeport, Grand Bahama

Faith Assembly

Rev. Eric Brown 

364-4503 (church)

427-4009 (mobile)

P.O. Box CB 12538

Nassau, Bahamas

Glad Tidings Tabernacle

Rev. Irene Russell 

393-6743 (church)

557-5753 (mobile)

P.O. Box N 1456

Nassau, Bahamas

Community Fellowship Centre

Rev. Bradley Handfield 

649-941-3482 (church)

649-232-1970 (mobile)

P.O. Box 939

Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

First Assembly

Min. Ryan Forbes

367-2130 (church)

458-9367 (mobile)

P.O. Box 20560

Marsh Harbour, Abaco

Sandy Point Assembly

Rev. Erksine Wells Jr. 

366-4025 (home)

242-458-1481 (mobile)

Sandy Point, Abaco

Calvary Temple

Rev. Ellen Henfield 

334-4266 (home)

812-5344 (mobile)

Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera

Clearwater Assembly

Rev. Ashton Brown

422-0455 (mobile)

441-8294 (mobile)

Moss Town, Exuma

Calvary Temple

Rev. Robert Lockhart 

352-7578 (church)

602-0793 (home)

727-5052 (mobile) 

P.O. Box F 41576

Freeport, Grand Bahama

First Assembly

Min. Craig Fox

472-8024 (mobile)

P.O. Box DC 30647

Salt Pond, Long Island

Evangelistic Temple

Rev. Dr. Vaughan Cash 

322-8304 (church)

427-4712 (mobile)

P.O. Box N 1566

Nassau, Bahamas

True Worshippers Assem.

Rev. Tyrone Sands 

P.O. Box N 9463

328-4722 (church)

364-3783 (home)


Community Fellowship Centre

Rev. Woulieme Pompilus 

Creole Ministry


Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

Cherokee Sound Assembly

Rev. Bateman  Sands  

366-2090 (home)

Cherokee Sound, Abaco

Pleasant View Assembly

Rev. Carl Oliver 

Suzette Nixon-Amoury Co.

Mastic Point, Andros

329-3164 (church)

Full Gospel Tabernacle

Rev. Gregory Johnson 

302-5785 (work)

424-6581 (mobile)

Westside Community Centre

Min. Preston Dean

P.O. Box F 40181

Freeport, Grand Bahama

Abundant Life

Rev. Kermit Mullings 

P.O. Box F 434-72

352-3506 (work)

533-4303 (mobile)

Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahama

Temple of The Word

Rev. Kenneth Adderley 

392-5888 (church)

357-7251 (mobile) 

P.O Box SB 50164

Nassau, Bahamas

Evangelistic Centre

Rev. Neil Hamilton

323-6798 (church)

428-9929 (mobile) 

P.O. Box GT 2499

Vessey Street

Nassau, Bahamas

Restoration Kingdom Min.

Rev. Cleveland Wells  

393-1666 (work)

535-9570 (mobile)

P.O. Box N 8681

Nassau, Bahamas

Bethany Assembly

Rev. Gregory Johnson

603-0082 (church)

P.O. Box SB 50070

Nassau, Bahamas

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