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The National Discipleship Philosophy Teaching Series

As a national fellowship, we believe that a dedicated minority applying God's Word can change any country under the power of His Holy Spirit. Therefore, we believe that the Church must return to discipleship to grow spiritually as God intended and effect the nations' transformation.

The Discipleship Philosophy Teaching Series is designed to provide the Church with the tools and skill set for community and national transformation. We will unpack, and take a fresh look at the foundational principles of discipleship which are:

  • The unchanging truth of God's Word

  • The Holy Spirit's laboratory of transparency in relationship building

  • The element that provides the environment for transformation - mutual accountability


Come let us review together and rediscover the philosophy of discipleship and its personal and collective application to our lives as the body of Christ. We believe that this is the foundation that will help us to discover the power that brings transformation to the mind, conversion to the heart, and authentic spiritual and numerical growth to the Church. As we journey together, we will indeed discover various levels of freedom and transformation in the community of the fellowship of The Holy Spirit.

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