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The Assemblies of God is a Pentecostal charismatic organization that saw its early beginnings in the Azusa Street Revival in the U.S.A. in the 1900s. The work and ministry of the Assemblies of God in The Bahamas began in 1928 when Minister I. G. Roberts of the South Florida District came and preached the gospel to many Bahamians in New Providence. This group included a number of persons from the Church of God who later transferred their membership to the Assemblies of God. Under the supervision of Superintendent A.G. Voight of the South Florida District of the Assemblies of God USA and S.B. Pinder, who served as the Pastor from 1928-1930, a small group formed the first Assembly.

However, following a dispute over the church's leadership, the majority of the members decided to become an independent body while a few sought re-admission into the Church of God. This independent group held cottage meetings in the home of Brother Vivian Weech (originally of the Current, Eleuthera), who resided in the Fort Fincastle area of Nassau. Later, they relocated to the home of his brother, Charles Kenneth Weech, on Kemp Road. He had returned from the Current, Eleuthera and had become the Pastor in 1930. In 1932 Vivian Weech was elected Pastor, and he, along with his brother Charles K. Weech, the members, other business persons and volunteers, constructed a wooden structure in 1934 on property located on Kemp Road south of Shirley Street. The building was dedicated and named "Pentecostal Lighthouse Tabernacle".

In 1935 this body of believers was firmly established as an Assemblies of God Church in The Bahamas under the supervision of the Superintendent of the South Florida District, Rev. C.C. Garrett. There were seventeen (17) charter members. In 1938 the nephew of Vivian and Charles Weech, Earl Weech, became the Pastor. As they experienced steady growth through his ministry as well as the min­istries/revival meetings of Evangelists Osbourne Thompson, Guy Shields and others from the U.S.A., they realized the need for a larger building. Thus, in 1941 a new building was erected, and Rev. Guy Shields returned from the US to dedicate it. It was renamed "Evangelistic Temple". The church continued to experience phenomenal growth under the leadership of several other ministers during the period between 1948-1955. Then, in 1956, under the pastorate of the Rev. John Wilkerson (1955 - 1958), the church relocated on Collins avenue (its present location). Those members who did not want to relocate to the new site purchased the building on Kemp Road and renamed it "Glad Tidings Tabernacle".

Throughout its 75-year history, The Assemblies of God in the Bahamas has grown tremendously.  Thirty of those years, under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Vernon Moses, impacted the organization and the Bahamas tremendously.  Over the course of Rev. Moses 30 year leadership, the Assemblies of God in The Bahamas including the Turks & Caicos Islands, made great strides in the establishment of new churches, the formulation of districts and expanded the bible college through strategic partnerships.


Under Rev. Moses' tenure, The Assemblies of God implemented the Decade of Harvest a decade-long goal focused on reaping the harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God.  This was the first initiative that focused on setting goals for the Assemblies: The establishment of new churches, the ordination of ministers and the goal of winning souls.


With a keen eye set on establishing the Assemblies of God throughout the Bahamas, Rev. Moses formulated all the districts we've come to know today.  To keep up with a growing organization, The Assemblies of God revised its constitution three times. As a result, he helped to establish eleven new churches and all districts:

Grand Bahama District:


  • Living Waters Assembly, Rev.  Johnny Carey,

  • Eternal Light Deliverance Center, Pastored by Rev. Unay Jones,  

  • Abundant Life Church, Pastored by Rev. Fernander

  • Calvary Chapel, Pastored by Rev. George Cooper

The New Providence District:


  • Faith Assembly, Pastored by Rev. Moss

  • Abundant Harvest Assembly, Pastored by Rev. Harriet Fernander

  • Trinity Assembly Pastored by Rev. Ed Watson.

Long Island District:  


  • First Assembly pastored by Rev. Franklyn Burrows;

Abaco District:


  • Full Gospel Assembly, Rev. Stafford Symonette,

  • Trumpet Assembly,  Rev. Carlton Dorsette

The Turks & Caicos District:


  • Community Fellowship Center, Pastored by Rev. C. J. Stubbs


The Assemblies of God Bible College was established by Rev. Gary Curry and Rev. Bradshaw. After this time, Rev. John Bunney became the director for three years, and then Rev Moses took over as director and held that position for over 30 years.

As director, he created a strategic partnership with the Caribbean School of Theology (CST), which enabled students of the Assemblies of God Bible College to obtain a Bachelor's degree at a faster pace. The Bible College enrolled and graduated numerous students from around the Bahamas and the ordination of the present Superintendent, Rev. Patrick Paul.

Rev. Vernon Moses described his life and leadership, "I try and live a simple life and, most importantly, to have a humble spirit, and that will take you a long way because the job is not an easy one."  

Rev Gary Curry.jpg

Rev. Gary Curry



Rev Vernon Moses.jpg

Rev. Vernon Moses



Executive Council

The Executive Council along with the General Superintendent implements the Vision of the Assemblies of God in The Bahamas including The Turks & Caicos Islands.

Rev. Dr. Patrick Paul.jpg

General Superintendent

Assemblies of God in The Bahamas including The Turks & Caicos Islands



Assemblies of God National Office

P.O. Box N-7420

Nassau, Bahamas

Rev Robert Lockhart 1.jpg

Rev. Robert Lockhart

Assistant Superintendent

& Senior Pastor Calvary Temple, Freeport Grand Bahama

242-352-7578 (wk)

Calvary Temple

P.O. Box F-41576

Freeport, Grand Bahama

Rev EdVic.jpg

Rev. Edward Victor

National Treasurer, District Presbyter

& Senior Pastor Living Waters Assembly, Grand Bahama 

242-373-6172 (ch)

242-352-6931 (hm)

Living Waters Assembly

P.O. Box F-44669

Freeport, Grand Bahama

Rev IrnRsll.jpg

Rev. Irene Russell

General Presbyter & Senior Pastor Glad Tidings Tabernacle, New Providence

242-393-6743 (wk)

242-393-1516 (hm)

Glad Tidings Tabernacle

P.O. Box N-1456

Nassau, Bahamas

Rev Kenneth Adderley.jpg

Rev. Kenneth Adderley

New Providence

District Presbyter & Senior Pastor Temple of the Word, New Providence

242-392-1044 (wk)

242-364-3839 (hm)

Temple of the Word

P.O. Box SB-50164

Nassau, Bahamas

Rev Ashton Brown.jpg

Rev. Ashton Brown

Eleuthera District Presbyter & Senior Pastor Clear Water Assembly of God, Exuma 

242-441-0495 (c)

Clearwater Assembly

Rev Bradley Handfield.jpg

Rev. Bradley Handfield

Turks & Caicos Islands

District Presbyter & Senior Pastor Community Fellowship Centre, Turks & Caicos Islands

649-941-3484 (ch)

649-941-5940  (hm)

Community Fellowship Center

P.O.Box 939


Ryan Forbes_Abaco_edited.jpg

Rev. Ryan Forbes

District Presbyter, Abaco & Senior Pastor First Assembly of God, Marsh Harbour, Abaco  


First Assembly

Marsh Harbour, Abaco

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